Saturday, November 4, 2017

Fudi Body Confidence diet jelly

I was sent the Fudi Body Confidence diet jelly for review from 0.8L. This product is a single serve stick that is a Korean product meant to help with weight loss. First, the product details taken from their website:


FUDI Body confidence diet jelly stick

Packing : 20g x 14sticks/Pack
Flavor : Calamansi & Lemon
Main ingredient : Garcinia cambogia(HCA Over 65%)
Sub ingredient : Wild mango, Calamansi extract, Catechin(Green tea), Hyaruronic acid
Vitaminc tree fruit extract powder
Made in Korea
About the product
The best taste diet supplement! We are confident.
Lemon and Calamansi taste jelly with garcinia cambogia extract included.
Easy, quick, portable jelly stick! You don't need water, it's just jelly! Take it anywhere with you, enjoy it like a snack!
Diet supplementary health food from KFDA and safely produced by GMP facilities
Garcinia cambogia extract is the main ingredient that will help your weight loss. It boosts fat-burn and cuts back appetite.
Easy, quick, portable jelly stick! You don't need water, it's just jelly! Take it anywhere with you, enjoy it like a snack!
All Ingredients are related to your weight loss and beauty:
Main ingredient : Garcinia cambogia extract(Total HCA Over 65%)
Sub ingredients: Catechin(Green tea), Calamansi extract, Wild mango, Vitamin tree fruit extract, Hyaluronic acid
How to eat: Take 1 stick before meal, or just anytime you want. Enjoy with fresh salad or yogurt!
14 sticks included, 2 weeks diet program (20g per stick)

Product description
Suggested Use

- Any adults who want weight loss without skipping your meals.
- Lifestyle diet (Free from the Diet program)
- If you enjoy drinking
- Before wedding photos
- Office worker
- Man & Woman whoever
- Mothers, we love you

I was pleasantly surprised when the item arrived. packaging was bright and colorful, and an insert, with product information in english, was included as well. The insert had mentioned that some people had found the taste of the diet jelly to be bitter or sour, I did not find that to be true. The taste reminds me of a cross between a lime and lychee. The way the product is portioned is fantastic. It is so easy for on the go and easier to store! Pricing for the diet sticks is around $38USD for 14 single serve sticks, a two week supply.
The one thing I did have a small issue with was the texture of the jelly. It seemed to have a texture stiffer than Jello, but not as hard as a fruit gem. I found that refrigeration of the product and consuming the product chilled did help slightly.
Now for the weight loss benefits, unfortunately I can not speak to it as I have not been able to use the product long enough to tell. From the several days of using the product, I honestly have not seen a difference in appetite or energy, so not so sure if you need to use the product for a longer period of time, or if it really doesn't help much with curbing appetite.


**I was sent the Fudi Body Confidence diet jelly from 0.8L for review. These opinions are my own and completely unbiased and honest**

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