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Fizz & Bubble Bubble Bath Candies

Tropical Fruit Bath Candies

A bubble filled trip to paradise?



As you can tell from our prior blog posts, Holli and I are fans of the brand Fizz & Bubble. So it is natural that there were a ton of Fizz and Bubble Fizzy Milkshakes and Bubble Bath Candies in my daughters stocking this year. My girls and I were excited to try out the Bubble Bath Candies ($15 available exclusively at Ulta) first, so into the bathtub they went and in the product went.

Product detail's

Fizz and Bubble bath candies boast 8 different natural oils for a luscious and skin smoothing bubble experience. Olive oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil, aloe vera oil and jojoba oil all work together to soften, cleanse and strengthen the skin. The lush and exotic smell of tropical fruit helps to take your mind away to that tropical beach destination of your dreams.

To use the product, simply crumble the candy under running water for an overabundance of bubbles. If you are brave, add a second candy.

Product experience

Ok, so, here is where things started out with this product...

I opened up the package to find 5 individually wrapped bath candies in the container. I really appreciate how each candy was individually wrapped to preserve the product for use. For someone like me who does not get the opportunity to soak in the bathtub very often, the ability to keep the product in optimum condition for use is a BIG plus. 

What I did not appreciate was that there were only 5 candies in the container when the packaging states that 6 would be included inside. Not the biggest deal ever, but when you are spending $15 on a bath product, you really want to get what you paid for. (I did think about returning the product to the ULTA I purchased it from, but when it was purchased weeks prior and there were 3 little girls in the bathtub chanting "bubbles, bubbles, BUBBLES" it wasn't worth the headache.)

Opening the candies was a delight. The smell was AMAZING. It was fresh, clean and tropical. You know how most tropical smelling products smell like a fruity drink got mixed with chemicals and went bad? This product was not that, at all. 

Texture of the product surprised me, but not in a bad way. I was honestly expecting a consistency and texture similar to a bath bomb. But what this product reminded me of was almost like a moist playdough. Stick with me on this - it was not a bad texture, but it was strange trying to crumble it under running water. The product broke apart easily, but once it broke into smaller chunks, those pieces did not dissolve under the running water like instructions had stated.  Again, I was expecting it to break up into very fine pieces, not larger chunks, that would get slimy and stick to my hands trying to get the product into the bath. 
Now, let's talk about these bubbles. Being that the first time I used this product was in a bath for my kids, I did not fill up the bathtub all the way like I would have for myself. Maybe I had 6 inches of water in the tub, give or take. So, I put one candy into the tub, and there was nothing...nothing. About half of the tablet disintegrated under the running water and the other half got chunked up and stuck to the side of the bathtub by the faucet. I figured "user error" was why there were no bubbles, so I put the bathwater back on and tried a second tablet. This time I held the tablet whole, without breaking it up under the water, to allow it to disintegrate naturally. This time the bubbles were, wait - there were no bubbles. At all. After using the second candy, I was hesitant to try a third due to the price tag on the product and the lack of performance from the first two. I will be trying these again though, to see if we have a different/better experience. (If there is any difference the post will be updated to reflect that.)

The bath candy DID smell amazing, it made the bath water super soft and luxurious feeling and it really did make my girls skin softer after getting out of the bath. Even their skin had a faint scent of Tropical Fruit! That part of the bath candy worked well, the bubbles though, not so much. 

Despite how nice the bath water smelled and felt incredibly soft, and the individual packaging of each bath candy, I think that I will be sticking with good 'ol Mr. Bubble for my kids bubble baths. Yes, I know, chemical city compared to the good for you ingredients in Fizz & Bubble...but for the amount of bubble baths they take, I would rather spend significantly less and know that they will be getting a tub full of bubbles to splash around in.

Perhaps during the next Fizz & Bubble sale, I may purchase these again to try for myself to see if maybe we got a bad batch of product. I honestly think that was the case here - missing product inside the packaging and underperforming on the claims, this is not like this brand at all. Also, the other Fizz and Bubble products I purchased from Ulta at the same time, Fizzy Milkshake, were missing bath bombs in the packaging, along with several broken pieces, and did not "fizz" in the bath as other packages had.

If you are thinking you would like to try out the Fizz & Bubble Bath Candies you can find them here at Ulta Beauty. Also, don't forget to check out Fizz & Bubble website to find out more about their other products! 




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  1. I love myself some good bath products! What a bummer that they didn’t work out!

  2. Oh these sound absolutely heavenly!

  3. I love me a bubble bath! And the fact that the Tropical fruit smell is pleasant is def a plus