Friday, November 24, 2017

Lip Scrub SHOWDOWN - Milani vs Fizz & Bubble

*DING DING DING* In this corner, we have Milani KEEP IT SWEET Sugar Lip Scrub. The other corner, Fizz & Bubble Lip Scrub in Pineapple Coconut.

Anyone who knows me, knows I love a good, quality, affordable lip scrub. Always on the hunt, I gave the Milani and Fizz & Bubble a try. Here is the breakdown of each product:

Milani KEEP IT SWEET Sugar Lip Scrub - For $10 in your nearest drugstore, you can get 0.42 ounces of this lip scrub. The scrub comes in one flavor. Per Milani’s website “Keep It Sweet Sugar Lip Scrub smoothes and exfoliates lips for an instant polished and revitalized look. Natural sugar granules soften skin with a kiss of sweetness, leaving lips feeling nourished and prepped for color. Use 2-3 times per week and follow with Keep It Smooth Luxe Lip Treatment for the ultimate lip luxury experience.

Fizz & Bubble Lip Scrub - For $6 on the company website, or Ulta stores, you get 1.0 ounce of this lip scrub. “A touch of blissful magic in a jar, our best-selling Lip Scrubs are designed to soften and sweeten your smile. You'll quickly enjoy exfoliating benefits, a little a burst of color and a sweet tingly taste. Select from five flavorful scents. (Cherry coming soon!)The five flavors available are, Pineapple Coconut, Bubble Gum, Mint Mojito, Rainbow Sherbet and Watermelon.

Now, let’s compare…
Smell - Milani smells like sweet, vanilla buttercream frosting on a cupcake. Fizz & Bubble smells like fresh pineapple with a hint of coconut, very Pina Colada-esque.
Taste - Both scrubs taste exactly like they smell. Milani has a sweet cupcake like taste and Fizz & Bubble tastes like a Pina Colada.
Texture - Milani has a thick, gooey, lip balm type of texture with large granules of sugar. Fizz & Bubble has a very smooth, loose texture with very fine granules of sugar (similar to damp sand, type of consistency.)

After using these products for quite some time now, in my honest opinion, there are some very big differences between the two products.

Let’s talk about product size and pricing first. For $4 less, the Fizz & Bubble is double the size of the Milani scrub. For $6 Fizz & Bubble is a full ounce of product, whereas Milani is $10 for 0.42 ounces (less than half the size!) Also, for the price, Fizz & Bubble is packaged in a heavy glass jar and Milani packaging is plastic. The Fizz & Bubble packaging feels more expensive and looks pricier than the Milani.

Onto the product itself...
The Milani lip scrub is SO sweet! When you are using the scrub, you will smell and taste a sickeningly sweet vanilla frosted cupcake. Some people might like the taste and smell, personally I do not. Also, this product is very thick compared to the Fizz & Bubble. When you wash the scrub off of your lips it leaves behind a sticky, waxy, lip balm type of film on your lips. I have also found that after using the Milani scrub my lips feel extra dry, with no visible difference from the “before.” The Fizz & Bubble has a sweet, fresh fruit type of smell with a taste to match. The scrub is very loose, which makes it  slightly difficult to remove it from the jar. The loose texture does help application but it is messy during use, compared to the Milani. The product washes clean after use and does not leave behind a film of any kind. There is also a immediate, visible, difference in the lips after use.  

Strictly going off of the product performance, not looking at the ingredients, I would have to say, hands down, Fizz & Bubble is the winner of this lip scrub showdown! Fizz & Bubble is much more pleasing taste, smell and texture-wise than the Milani. Fizz & Bubble also does the job and does it well! Milani seems to under perform compared to the social media hype that surrounds it.
I highly suggest this product for anyone looking to help combat the dry, flaky winter lips that happen every year when the weather starts to get colder. (Oh, thanks indoor heat for sucking all the moisture out of our skin!) Head out to your nearest Ulta, or shop online, and pick this up as a stocking stuffer for someone (or yourself,) I can guarantee that they will love it.


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