Friday, October 27, 2017

Revlon Ultra Matte HD

In the quest of finding the ultimate drugstore matte liquid lipstick, I decided to give the Revlon Ultra Matte HD Liquid Lipsticks a try. Typically, I see Revlon and think, “this is not a brand for someone like me. My mother should be using this brand.” but these lippies have changed my perception of Revlon.

IMG_1320 (2).JPG

The Ultra HD Matte lippies are pigmented and have an amazing staying power. The formula is creamy and the majority of the colors apply like a dream. The only con’s about these is, the formula does not dry matte as described, it dries to a more satin finish. Also, the darker the colors get, the more patchy the colors apply. The staying power is on par with other similar products found in the drugstore. I will be keeping an eye on this line from Revlon and picking up more of these Ultra Matte HD liquid lipsticks in the future.

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