Monday, October 30, 2017

Epielle Activated Charcoal Facial Essence Mask

How many ways can I sing the praises of the Epielle Activated Charcoal Facial Essence Sheet Mask?

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First, let us discuss what Epielle claim’s the product does…

Epielle Activated Charcoal Facial Essence Mask contain activated charcoal and botanical extracts to leave your pores detoxified and clarified. The purified charcoal infused mask sheet and patented formula delivers blend of activated charcoal and botanical serum to penetrate deep into the pores to moisturize, purify and clarify your skin. Hydrate and tighten your pores for clearer and healthier complexion.
•Activated Charcoal
•Pore Minimizer
•Moisturize, Purify and Clarify your skin
•For all skin types”

Now, this sheet mask does everything (do you hear me? EVERYTHING) that it claims to do and more!

I was initially recommended this sheet mask to help with my hormonal, cystic acne (damn you birth control!!) by another beauty blogger, Bethany Cousins ( Having known Bethany for a while, I trusted her judgement and purchased these sheet masks off of Amazon.

First impressions, the price for these sheet masks was way too good to be true. The total cost was less than $9, including shipping, for 12 masks...ok, “sure” these are going to work, *Insert eye roll here* The masks arrive and I dive right into them, because really, I have no patience to wait and neither did my throbbing chin pimples.

When the package was finally ripped open, the first thing I noticed was the serum/essence that the mask was in. It was a lot, there was actual, excess liquid in the foil pack. When does that ever happen with a sheet mask? The sheet itself is not too thin, not too thick. I had a hard time figuring out how to unfold the mask, only because of how saturated this mask was. Once the mask was out and open, it went right onto my face. The sensation was cooling and the scent was pleasant, not overpowering. The fit of the mask was similar to most sheet masks and stayed in place fairly well.

After letting the mask sit for the suggested 20-30 minutes (who am I kidding, I lost track of time and kept it on almost an hour), I took the mask off and gently pat the excess essence left on my face into my skin. After letting the essence dry, I took a look in the mirror and, what the WHAT, my face looked clear, hydrated and glowy! The redness around my breakouts was lessened, the areas on my skin that were clear before looked somehow even brighter and clearer, my dry spots were hydrated and no longer flaky, and my skin looked, get this, HEALTHY!

After using this mask, I instantly put in another order for another pack of 12, this mask was going to be one of my go-to’s from now on. Even now, weeks later, I still reach for this mask when my skin is being naughty, and even when it is not. If you are like me, and suffer from crazy skin breakouts and dryness, and plain ‘ol skin weirdness, this mask is for you.


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